My name is Ketia Baptiste, I was born and raised in small town in Haiti call Grand-Bois, I came to the USA when I was only 16 years old scared little girl. I left my mom back home, my whole family yes I have cousins here but we all know it isn't the same as of when you have mom and dad around. Well, I discovered I had a unique talent when I said unique it is because I don't sound like any one, I have this strong Haitian accent, I have this rough raspiness in my voice when I sing, but I didn't understand it because we all know as a woman in the Haitian community it is hard from a woman to express themselves the way they should without names calling; well, I didn't care but I was also afraid not knowing what could it. 

At 17 years old, working a full time job as a sales person, after 6 months being in the job I was promoted as a store manager with a crazy Haitian accent, going to high school let's just say I had to grow up very fast. I met my daughter's father whom I married when I was 21 years old, and we were together for 9 years, I thought I found my soul mate but let's just say we both were young and stupid there were a lot of great times but it was also a lot of bad times and bad choices. After all, I started going to school found out I couldn't continue my journey of college because I was illegal I couldn't get help to go to school.  I was devastated, no mom, no dad, I was the one supporting them. I started modeling, working my full time to pay my bills, I was so troubled but no one knew because I always have a positive attitude and always nice, I was here for a greater purpose. I quickly realized I was gifted and talented but, I needed to know which direction to go.  

 I started singing because I found so much joy through music, music relaxed my soul and eased my mind no matter what I was going through. I started writing but after divorce I stopped everything, because I was going through what we called life. My daughter is the greatest Joy of my life, she became my first priority, and believe me, having a child does not come with instructions so I made tones of mistakes with her; but she gave me strength she helped me found myself in darkest moments. I didn't believe in myself enough to know that I didn't have to sound like every other singers to make it. So I decided to come back with my music and modeling again because I've earned to mastered my so called imperfect and unique vocals sound. 

I've learned to know as a woman I am really powerful I can change anything I want if I can control my thoughts be positive, meditate, take care of myself make myself happy and I fund truly happiness when I am  on the runway as a model or on stage as a singer. As a businesswoman I quickly realized I am untouchable, all I had to do is believe I can do anything that I want but I'll have to change my mindset and lean to always stay focus no matter how crazy you look in the eyes of others through all the process, I was homeless with my daughter, I lost everything no jobs but, I always find away with my strength and with what God has for me to get out of any situations and those situations builded me to a stronger and the woman I was created to be. 

Ashamed of my story? Never, I will be using what I went through to help others to succeed and believe in whatever they want as long as they breathing. Well, let's just say music saved me, I find ways to express my sexuality through music, sadness, love, happiness, misery through music, where else can you do this?  I used to go on stage feeling horrible because I used to let fear control me, not any more. I am ready to conquer it all and make changes, I’m making my way. Hope the world will love and except me for me. I will stay focused and I will never give up no matter it gets. I rather fail at the things I love to do rather than not trying. Hopefully I can be an expiration to a few people out there who take some time to listen to my songs. I am ready I am so ready.



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