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Epise - Haitian Seasoning for the food & soul.

It's the time of the year!! One of the holidays I simply love because it is time to sit down, breathe, and cook that real Haitian food! So, for this post, I wanted to share the cornerstone of Haitian cooking: Epise, the green seasoning that we use as a base for meat and fish.


This green seasoning, it serves as the cornerstone of Haitian cooking.  This is the spice that gives Haitian food, that Haitian food taste.  We can use this as an analogy of sorts for life. We all have that flavor inside of us.  That spice that makes us uniquely us; our own unique mix of seasoning that makes us stand out amongst a crowd. 


Here is what you need:

A blender

1 Large Red or Green Bell Pepper

1 Scotch Green Bonnet Pepper

Head of Cilantro

1 Pack of Scallions

1 Whole Onion

1 whole tomato (not required)

1 Head of Garlic (Peeled)

1/3 cup of vinegar or 2 lemons or limes

2 Tablespoons of salt 

Step 1:

Dice the onions, tomatos, peppers, and garlic, place these on the blender. You can throw the scallions (first cut off the top where the roots are), and cilantro in there whole. Add the vinegar or lemon, and then, blend:


 Step 2

Once the veggies have liquefied, add your salt and mix well.


 Step 3

Package in tupple ware and keep refrigerated.  Use anytime you need a marinade for meat or fish.


 This holiday, I pray you all appreciate your own green seasoning.  Love yourselves and what makes you unique.


Be blessed...Until next time :-)

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