The most festive time of the year in Haiti is during Carnival (referred to as Kanaval in Haitian Creole or Mardi Gras). The festivities start in February. The cities are filled with music, parade floats, and people dancing and singing in the streets. Carnival week is traditionally a time of all-night parties and escape from daily life. Rara, a festival which occurs before Easter, is celebrated by a significant number of the population as well, and its celebration has been led to it becoming a style of Carnival music. Many of the youth also attend parties and enjoy themselves at nightclubs called discos, (pronounced "deece-ko") (not like the discos of the U.S), and attend Bal. This term derives from the word ballad, and these events are often celebrated by crowds of many people.

Fashion show

A model wears a creation by Haitian designer Verona during Fashion Week in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Sunday, Nov. 11, 2012.

Haitian Fruits

"Korosol" is delicious. Korosol is a big prickly fruit, around the size
of a watermelon and it is so good. Apparently in English they call it the "SoupSop." So in Haiti they blend the fruit up and mix it with milk.

This is kenep (as it is called in Haiti), or sometimes called a Spanish Limein other parts of the caribbean. It is a type of fruit, and it is delicious. Ithink calling it a "lime" is misleading because it isn't like a citrus fruit at all on the inside. You peel off the green skin, which comes off very easily, and then pop the fruit into your mouth. It is sweet and sour (but more sweet). You could say it feels sort of like a skinless grape in your mouth (but it has a huge seed in themiddle and doesn't taste anything like a grape). Maybe it is just one of those things you have to taste for yourself. Making these yummy little guys evenbetter...their price! They are so cheap...you can buy a whole bunch for about

5 gourde (conversion rate is 40 gourde to $1 USD).


Heavy to hold and hard on the wrist! They are bulky, you have to use lightened charcoals inside of it and you really have to make sure it is closed really well to avoid any spilling, But it works! 



Catherine Flon was the goddaughter of Jean Jacques Dessalines and played a huge role in the Haitian Revolution as a nurse. She is not really remembered and revered as nurse, but widely recognized in all Haiti as a heroine for sewing the first Haitian Flag in Archaie and a national symbol of freedom.


On May 1803, Dessalines created the first Haitian Flag by ripping apart the French one (blue,whiteand red), threw the white portion away, and have Catherine Flon stitched together the remaining parts horizontally to create the first version of the Haitian Flag. Today Catherine Flon is celebrated in Haiti on May 18, which is also the Haitian Flag's Day. Her picture is featured on a 10 Gourdes Haitian Banknote issued in 2000.


          HAITIAN DRUM


 Haitian drum (tanbou) is an important instrument to preserve and play. Without the drum, our culture would be lost. The lineage of the Haitian drum is complex, originating in Africa’s Vodun systems. A drum must be crafted properly and baptized in order to sound good and do the job. Haitian drums are fun to play, producing an organic, versatile sound that can be used for dance, professional recording, healing and merry making.

      Culture FASHION SHOW

The culture of Haiti is primarily a culture that has strong West African roots, as well as strong French roots due to the French colonization of Haiti, as is evidenced in the Haitian language, music, and religion.



Labadee is a private beach operated by the Royal Caribbean Cruise lines. Many think that it is owned by the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, but that is not true as no one can owned any part of the Country. Labadee is a private resort leased to Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines by the Haitian Government. Labadee has caused many controversies since its creation. Many passengers who disembarked at the location were not informed that they were in Haiti. The cruise lines does not openly market Haiti, instead using the name Labadee, or Hispaniola to confuse visitors because the US Government warns citizens against visiting Haiti due to its instability politics.



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