This is the day to show off, be sexy, and show your loved one how much you care! But even if you have a closet exploding with options, the question plaguing the minds of many women is - What to wear for the big date?

While a dress is probably what first comes to mind, today is the day to be daring! So, instead of wearing something mundane and typically you, try a color you wouldn't normally wear. Wear a bold color or an animal print if you are more on the demure side, and if your choices are usually loud, try some muted shades or patterns. You may also experiment with the cut and style. If you tend to cover up, try a v-neck. If you tend to bare it all, try a long-sleeved minidress. A little bit goes a long way, and a little effort to look positively different demonstrates your care to look extraordinary for the occasion!

Now, being that the temperature in Boston, New Jersey or New York has been frigid, maybe pants or trousers are the practical way to go. But, how do you cover up your legs and still be sexy? Boot-cut or the 70's bellbottom (SO hot right now!) is the style flattering on most bodies. You may keep the bottom of your outfit plain, such as with a denim or black pant, while experimenting with the top. A lacy or sheer top is a seductive approach without being too risqué. Also, make sure to wear a fitted top if your pants are loose and a looser, silky type top if your pants are on the tighter side. This type of ensemble will not only be more comfortable for you, but more visually pleasing due to its flowy, seemingly touchable nature.

Lastly, if your date is on the casual side, such as bowling, movies or an informal dinner, you should dress accordingly. Do your best fitting jeans and, again, experiment with the top and jewelry! You can wear an off-the-shoulder piece and/or simple long, dangly earrings that accentuate the nape of your neck. Another option is a lace-trim tank top with a fitted blazer or leather jacket to show off your décolletage. Heels with this type of outfit will make your legs look miles longer and pull the outfit together so that it isn’t too casual or too dressy.

Whatever it is you choose to wear, make sure that every piece fits you well because muffin tops or saggy bottoms are not sexy. Also, don’t reveal too much because the best way to lure interest is to leave a little to the imagination. Definitely make sure to accentuate your assets and, most of all, remember to wear your sexiest accessory – your confidence! Happy Valentine’s Day! Until next time J





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