Summer dressing requires a little more thought as all of a sudden we have so much more flesh on display! To ensure you always look your best here's our guide to what to wear - and what not to wear - during these (hopefully) balmy summer months. 

• Wear a skin tone bra with white T-shirts. It's a common misconception to think that a white T-shirt should be worn with a white bra. Not so. It's much better to wear a nude or a black bra particularly when you have a tan, to make your bra appear invisible. Look out for padded cups - a key feature of the indispensable T-shirt bra - to avoid embarrassing nipple silhouettes and a smooth cup will prevent lacy outlines.

• Wear invisible underwear with a flimsy dress. VPL is rife during the summer as skirts and trousers get shorter and tighter. If you plan to wear a summery dress you have two underwear options: a G-string will ensure you remain VPL free but choose a size bigger for a comfortable fit. If this feels too revealing, try shorts-style briefs or those with a tummy-control panel, to hold you in in all the right places and give your dress a smooth silhouette.

• Wear fitted T-shirts. Summer is a time for more body conscious dressing so ditch those unflattering baggy T-shirts and instead opt for a more fitted look. HAITIAN FASHION ICONS, Gap, ROCKK MOMM are excellent sources for cotton/Lycra-mix fitted T-shirts - stick to white and black for a classic look worn with suits and jeans, and mix in neutrals such as khaki and stone for an up-to-date look.



• Wear a coordinating bra with a vest top. Nothing looks worse than the strap of an old grey-tinged bra ruining the effect of a slinky camisole or sleeveless T-shirt. These days no-one bats an eyelid if you flash your bra straps to the world - just make sure they’re you're best lingerie sets and most expensive bras! 

• Give your bare feet time to get used to sandals. The first hint of sun and we forget about tights and stockings. But beware! While your newly liberated feet may look beautifully naked in strappy sandals, blisters are not a good look. Toughen up your skin with surgical spirit applied morning and night and wear your stocking-free sandals around the house for a week before venturing outside.


• Take a lightweight jacket with you when you leave the house. The up North weather is too unpredictable to confidently leave the house without some kind of cover-up. Denim, heavy polyester Skirts and canvas are classic fabrics that will protect you from a light drizzle, or drop in temperature and see you through to the evening - choose a blazer or bomber jacket for a more contemporary look.

• Don't wear open toed sandals with chipped nail varnish. Summer requires conscientious grooming and feet should be your first stop. A weekly ten minute pedicure at home, including nail varnish, will address a multitude of sins. To make toes look shorter use darker colors; to emphasis a tan, apply pale frosted colors, or try glittery varnish to catch the light. Also, if you plan to wear thongs or flip flops, get hard skin removed!


• Skinny or not! Not everyone can wear very short shorts. Rarely flattering on any figure, if your legs are not toned, shorts should never be ultra-short. Hovering above the knee is a much more flattering length or if in doubt opts for Capri pants. Try a slightly looser fit than you would ordinarily wear. Combat-style cut off pants look great paired with a tight T-shirt and flip flops but don't even consider wearing shorts to the office, no matter how 'tailored' they appear.


Summer is fInally here (insert a yay! here). As we eagerly anticipate the season of fun and frivolity, it's time to prep our closets with some of summer's biggest fashion trends. 

DO go girly with a white lace top

You can dress up a white lace top with a skirt and heels (or dress it down with denim shorts and sandals).







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